By: KCRA News

When you see them emotion this father shows to find out that the pharmaceutical drugs his son was prescribed was leaving him with no emotion or failing to show love to his family. Kcra 3 modesto says medical cannabis help saved his son’s life, he now has familied from all over the country that wants to try his product is called jayden’s juice and the cannabis oil is sold in bay area, stockton and sacramento.

KCRA 3 Kathy Hart spoke with with the father who created the product for his son. Now Jason david has hope for his son and wants to give back and is doing just that. Thanks for the product in the tiny bottle, which is available in the California dispensary including Sacramento.

Jason’s journey began about 8 years ago with his son JAyden who was diagnosed with juvey syndrome. A video is being shown of JAyden having many seizure and can’t stop his uncontrolling shaking in his hands even though he was heavily medicated. Jason called his doctor to desperately find something welase to help his son out without having these horrible side effects.

Jayden today has stopped his seizure by 90%, thanks to his dad products that include to ingredients in marijuana. It’s all about finding the right medicine and he is not alone.
Different families that have said their children has shown major improvement in the pain there children were in by using Jaydess oils